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          bureau d'études



CULTURA associates – museologists René RIVARD and Paule RENAUD – and their personnel ensure the smooth running of each project, of each mandate they receive. They provide expertise, quality, meticulous work, CULTURA’s trademark.

To efficiently fulfill each mandate or study, CULTURA always brings together, on a functional and adaptable basis, the most competent and appropriate team. This ensures CULTURA clients of quality products based on experience, renewed creativity and synergetic work carried out by a qualified team. For many years, renowned specialists from various disciplines have teamed up with CULTURA associates. This flexible formula of partnership when needed always enables the bureau d'études CULTURA to give to all its clients the best possible expertise, at lesser cost.



CULTURA bureau d'études

651 avenue Rockland –

MONTREAL, QC – H2V 2Z5 – Canada


telephone : 514-274-5908

mobile   : 514-754-4649

email         : rene.rivard@cultura. ca  

                  : paule.renaud@cultura.ca