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  • ideas, innovative ideas...
  • open-minded attitude towards our time and the world around us...
  • mastery of museology, of cultural programming, of well-tried methodologies...
  • vast expertise in museum and heritage projects, with national and international experience...
  • pluriqualified team, always working in cooperation with project leaders and communities.






CULTURA bureau d’études is first and foremost:

Current Events


Founded in 1987 by museologists René RIVARD and Paule RENAUD, bureau d’études CULTURA has been working ever since in cultural engineering of the fields related to developing cultural programs and facilities, to museum planning and programming, to heritage and historic site development and interpretation, in Québec and Canada, as well as abroad. CULTURA has worked for as many as 30 years in museology, heritage projects and cultural development. Their areas of expertise, research, analysis and design can be found at the furthermost bounds of innovation in the following fields:


  • museums, museology and “new museology”

  • heritage sites and interpretation projects

  • native communities and cultural transmission

  • municipal cultural development

  • cultural tourism

CULTURA bureau d'études