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          bureau d'études



Permanent exhibition and multimedia show

Abenaki Museum, Odanak


Exhibition Nos belles histoires

Cité de l’énergie, Shawinigan

Éric Tabarly Sail City

Lorient, Brittany

According to René RIVARD and Paule RENAUD, CULTURA associates, museology is a systematic combination of applied science, art of enhancement, cultural development process, awareness of the museum's role in society. It is an effective conservation, representation, and animation tool for the purpose of cultural development and  strengthened identity in cities, towns and communities.

CULTURA expertise in the fields of museology, of museum planning, and exhibition production is based on a diversified experience at the national and international levels, a practical knowledge of museological innovations in various countries, and a strong conviction that cultural facilities, media, events, and activites occupy a very important place in the present economical and social situation.

Bureau d'études CULTURA always maintains privileged and ongoing relationships with renowned international experts; the bureau has also access to original data banks and specific professional documentation.

Training workshops and ateliers, university, collegiate and popular courses, conferences, training trips and programs for various local and foreign delegations, complete or specific training programs...

Exhibition and multimedia concepts and plans, production plans and schedules, concept and production of various kinds of thematic exhibitions and multimedia shows in association with renowned firms and shops, with specialists and artists, developing design, graphic art, models, specifications as well as installing the exhibitions and presentations.

Concepts, master plans, operational programs, architectural programs, feasibility, site and management studies, business plans, conservation policies, assistance for the establishment of museums...

Professional and adapted training

Exhibition and multimedia planning and production

Museum and cultural facility planning