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          bureau d'├ętudes



The Horse in Brittany Discovery Centre,

Haras national d’Hennebont, Morbihan, Fr

Exhibition & Agriculture collection presentation

Walbridge Barn, Mystic QC

Museum of French Emigration to Canada, Tourouvre, Orne, France

According to CULTURA associates, heritage encompasses very broad notions that go well beyond the materiality of historic monuments, objects of collections and archaeological remains. It contains all the intangible elements of non-material heritage such as stories and legends, songs and dance, memories...

Heritage is more and more considered to be a value system to be protected, interpreted, shown, and enriched, in keeping with the peoples' culture, their collective memory, their speech and language, their way of life, the cultural and natural phenomena that are part of human life and nature… 

To enhance heritage sites and subjects as well as development projects, bureau CULTURA always recommends an adaptable and participatory approach, along with efficient consciousness-raising interventions and methods whereby people can decide and take charge...

Workshops and training courses on heritage, interpretation instruction and guidance at university, collegiate, and popular education levels, complete and specific training programs, reception and training of foreign delegations.

Exhibition and multimedia show conception, planning, and programming, production of exhibitions, of interpretation plans and set-up, audiovisual and multimedia interactivity, animation programs and tools, heritage literature, folders, guidebooks...

Heritage policies, concepts and master plans, functional and architectural programs, inventory of site thematic potentials, feasibility & viability studies, management and ecomuseology studies, assistance with development and animation...

Made-to-measure training

Production of heritage exhibitions and multimedia

Heritage sites planning and projects