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Terrebonne, Qc: Performing Arts Theatre

integrating archaeological site presentation

Nantes, Fr: Old Harbour revitalization and major cultural projects on Nantes Island

Cultural Complex project in Old Foundry, City of Gatineau

Arts and local artists promotion

Municipal inventory and artist evaluation, analysis of needs, proposals and production of visual arts exhibitions and of performing arts, creation and development of municipal collections and of public art, development of facilities and activities to present works of art, to develop artistic talents...

Cities, towns and villages the world over are more and more taking greater care in planning, developing, organizing, and managing their cultural assets and territory for the benefit of their citizens and visitors.  For many, municipal heritage and its development have become very beneficial to all as well as a source of identity and pride.

Local and regional artists stimulate cultural life and have become ideal channels of publicity for their community. Musicians, dancers, singers and actors present activities and shows that are both rich in cultural quality and enjoyment. The city and its public as well as private buildings are very often beautified by sculptors, painters, architects, horticulturists... 

Enhancing the beauty of the past and encouraging local artistic creation often involves rigorous planning that in itself must be creative. Bureau CULTURA provides expertise in these areas of consultation and planning of municipal interventions in the cultural field.


Inventories, interpretation concepts and plans, restoration of historic buildings, rehabilitation and recycling buildings and programs, walking tours, multimedia and sound-and-light shows, awareness and promotion schemes for historical buildings and neighbourhoods, municipal history, urban and suburban developments, highlighting well-known artists, ...

Concerted studies of citizens' situation, needs and expectations in cultural development, for sharing municipal resources, for economical incentives, proposals for cultural policies, programs and assistance with implementation of cultural facilities: cultural centres, museums, libraries, theatres, film libraries...

Enhancement of heritage and cultural assets

Cultural municipal planning