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House of Innu Culture project

Ekuanitshit, Quebec North Shore

First Nations Nature Garden

Montreal Botanical Garden

Innu women working beaver hides

Lower North Shore

Assistance to cultural transmission and continuity

Cultural policies, analysis of needs, overall view of potentials and constraints, cultural programs and assistance for the implementation of cultural facilities, consciousness-raising and empowerment as well as dissemination programs, assistance for Native artists...

Over the past years, CULTURA has been working closely with various cultural communities so they may take charge, enhance and transmit their culture, their heritage, their way of life and the protected environment it necessitates.

CULTURA specialists have worked with the Sami of Sweden and Norway Lapplands, with communities in Cameroon, Niger, Uganda, Burkina Faso, and Rwanda, with Arizona Indians, and closer to us, with Acadians and other cultural communities, and with Inuit, Ojibwe, Atikamekw, Abenaki, Miqmag, Cree, Ilnu, and Innu First Nations.

Always with a gradual and participatory approach, well integrated to social and economic needs, to collective and economic development, to nature and culture considerate tourism... A respect of culture and the constant search for solutions adapted to real-life situations of First Nations and of other ethnic and cultural communities.

Tailor-made symposiums and seminars, formal training, self-taught courses, workshops, community projects, intercultural meetings and exchanges, reception, escorting and training of delegations from foreign, native or cultural communities...

Paying particular attention to the needs and expectations of First Nations and cultural communities, meticulous analysis of possibilities and restraints, intense motivation on the part of actors at local, regional and national levels, propositions and plans favouring sociocultural, community development.


Adapted training

Assistance with taking charge of cultural development